TN Ag Enhancement Producer Diversification Program Update

The goal of the Producer Diversification program is to encourage producers to expand or improve their working farm/existing operation through the production of diversified agricultural products. This program provides cost-share opportunities for industry sectors of Agritourism, Fruit & Vegetable, Honey Bee, Horticulture (Nursery), Organic, and Value-Added Products. Project categories include farm infrastructure, marketing and specialized equipment.

Each sector allows for two cost-share percentage options. All approved applicants are eligible for 35% (Standard Producer) cost-share. To be eligible for 50% (Master Producer) cost-share, the approved applicant must complete the special requirements for the sector in which their project is eligible. Special requirements focus on education and include conferences, courses, events, workshops and specific certifications.

For the Fruit & Vegetable sector, the special requirements include:
Option 1: Two sector eligible educational courses
Option 2: Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certification and current letter of compliance.

The UT Master Farm Manager class now qualifies as one of the sector eligible educational courses.

A complete list of eligible courses…
More information on the TN Ag Enhancement Producer Diversification Program Fruit and Vegetable Sector…

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