“Spiral Ridge Permaculture will be shifting its focus next year to a world class Permaculture and RegenAg education business. We are looking to team up with a commercial farm to offer courses in Regenerative Grazing, Holistic Management, Keyline Design/plowing, Biofertility, Regrarian Design courses and agroforestry with leading experts in the field. Darren Doherty, Jim Elizondo, Eugenio Gras, Dr. Elaine Ingham, Kirk Gadzia and more. We are looking for a farm operation (100 Acres or more) that is capable of hosting courses, participants, meals, etc. Ideally, this farm will be an Education/Demonstration farm for Regenerative Ag in the south. 
Contact Cliff Davis for more info at (931)231-4099 or at info@spiralridgepermaculture.com