Hello friends from the Food Hub learning group,

As our funding from Southern SARE for the learning group is winding down, I want to thank all of you for your participation and willingness to share with others. Several webinars and presentations from the past two years have been archived on the Southern SAWG resources page for viewing.

We’ve also put together a short annotated list of resources that seem most useful for people in the early stages of food hub exploration and development. A copy is attached. This draws mostly on resources identified by the Food Hub Center at the National Good Food Network.

We at Southern SAWG will continue to search for ways that we can facilitate the process of building successful food hubs in the South. You can expect more educational sessions on food hubs at our 2016 Annual Conference in Lexington, KY next January 27-30. If you have other ideas on how we might be helpful, don’t hesitate to contact me.


Keith Richards