Southern Appalachian Heirloom Bush Bean Study

Southern Appalachian Heirloom Bush Bean Study
This study is seeking several growers, organic and conventional, in both the Upper Cumberland and Nashville areas to evaluate several lines for a specialty crops block grant. The lab of Dr. Brian Leckie at Tennessee Tech University will be screening a collection of heirloom bush green beans to help identify lines that will diversify markets for specialty crop growers and fill niche markets for various culinary purposes.

As recorded, these lines, collected from Southern Appalachia, have a significant amount of diversity in their pod and bean types. A pre-screening of the lines will identify a select group of candidate lines that will require trialing to evaluate their yields and stability of yields over different environments and production practices. We are looking for growers that would be willing to trial these lines for the 2018, 2019, and perhaps 2020 field seasons. We expect the trial plots to be approximately 1/5th – 1/4th of an acre.

The researchers would participate in both the sowing and harvesting of the beans. Growers would be expected to maintain the lines according to their standard farm practices. Researchers will offer monetary compensation for the land use and efforts of the growers. Any marketable beans after harvest will also be available to the growers at no cost.

If you are interested please contact Dr. Leckie at

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