Davidson/ Sumner County Soil Conservation District Field Day at Trevecca Urban Farm on September 26, 2018

Registration begins at 8:30am. The tour the Urban Farm begins at 9:00am to showcase Conservation Best Management practices. Soil health presentation on the health of soil matter and the functions of soil. In addition, how to make your garden infiltrate to hold more water for less irrigation. Presentations by Experts from NRCS/USDA, TDA and UT/TSU Extension and other exhibitors. Information on Conservation Practices, Grants and Cost share incentive programs available to landowners. Lunch, water and snacks provided. Door prizes, free trees and 5 Lbs. of Cover Crop seed. Trevecca Nazarene University 333 Murfreesboro Road Nashville, TN 37210-2877 Email: carol.edwards@nashville.gov; Debbie.rippy@tn.nacdnet.net; trervor.hunt@tn.udsa.gov

8:30am- 9:00am Registration 9:00 am Welcome & tour logistics, Trevor Hunt, District Conservationist USDA/NRCS Welcome to Trevecca University and invocation President Dan Boone Over view of Trevecca Urban Farm: Jason Adkins, Director of Trevecca Urban Farm & President of the Tennessee Organic Growers Association

9:30 am Tours
1. Greenhouse, Vegetable Production and Orchard: Jason and Mike Hubbs, Soil Scientist
2. Bees, Pollinators & Pest: David Cook, UT/TSU Extension
3. Barn Yard: Trevor: Conservation Best Management Practices; Jason: Goats, Chickens and Hog Production

11:00 am Barn. Storm water runoff and water savings.
Purity Dairies Ice Cream Break

11:15 am Door Prizes, Jason; Urban Farm Soil Health Presentation Mike Hubbs, Soil Scientist

12:00 Lunch Pavilion Blessing, Will Lewis, Davidson SCD Nicholle Gerde: Cumberland river Compact: River Friendly Farms Door Prizes and introductions

Closing Remarks: John McClurkan, TDA Land & Water Stewardship Administrator

Exhibitors and Sponsors: TACD (free 5lb.bag of Cover crop seed) TDA; Cumberland River Compact; Metro Tree Advisory Committee (free trees); Metro Water Services; NRCS/USDA; Purity Dairies;; Bee Association; TN Ag Museum; Land Trust; Farm Bureau; C0-OP