HIRING: Livestock Manager at Caney Fork Farms

Posted: October 15th, 2020

About Caney Fork Farms:
We are a diversified farm in Carthage, Tennessee. We are in our 5th year of raising cattle, sheep, pigs, vegetables, row-crops, hay and chestnuts. We manage over 750 acres of land, most of which is Certified Organic with the remainder in transition to Organic. We hold additional certifications, including Animal Welfare Approved, Naturally Grown, Grass-Fed and Certified by The Real Organic Project. Our farm utilizes what we consider to be regenerative farming practices, including: multispecies rotational grazing, silvopasturing, reduced tillage, biointensive market gardening, windrow and bioreactor composting systems, cover cropping, crop rotation and integration of livestock into our cropping systems. In addition to regular farm operations, we use our farm as a place to convene a team of researchers and students in collaboration with Skidmore College, Michigan State University, University of Tennessee, Woods End Labs and The Open TEAM. Our main research objectives are to better understand how regenerative farming impacts soil health, biodiversity and economic viability. We are also in the process of hosting our second annual Climate Underground Conference. More about Caney Fork Farms…

Livestock Manager Position Description:
We are seeking an experienced livestock manager to help us lead our operation forward. The ideal candidate would be empathetic, organized, dedicated, visionary, a clear communicator, and be excited to work with a team of other farmers. We currently have approximately 50 breeding cows, 80 ewes and 3 sows. We are still growing all of our herds so the candidate would be able to help us in breeding/culling decisions. Additionally, the ideal candidate would have a firm foundation in animal health as well as a familiarity with all species under management and keen observational skills to identify sick or injured animals. The candidate should have direct experience with holistic grazing and pasture management. The ideal candidate is machine savvy, can safely and efficiently operate equipment and make minor repairs as needed. This is an independent position that requires someone that can be flexible, troubleshoot problems, manage/delegate to other team members and is a resourceful, well-rounded farmer. We are open to hiring the right candidate to “grow” into the full position if they have most but not all of the skills and experience level we need, but would be a great fit for our team. This position will report directly to the Farm Manager.

Core Responsibilities:
Oversight of all day-to-day livestock operations on our home farm in Carthage, TN, including animal rotations, feeding, handling and daily inspections
Leadership and management of a 1-2 person livestock team
Safely train team in proper machine care, tractor work, trailering, etc.
Grazing planning and pasture management that optimize both soil and animal health
Working with the Farm Manager in the management and continued improvement of hay harvest and hayfields
Animal health, vaccination administration, and scheduling of needed veterinary visits
Ongoing detailed record keeping of pasture rotation, animal health, animal breeding/birthing, and feed.
Equipment / infrastructure maintenance
Maintaining a standard of high quality and well finished beef, lamb, and pork products.
Scheduling and coordination of processing dates with Marketing Manager
Participation and leadership in research program
Collaboration in the management with chestnut and other tree plantings within our hayfields and pastures
Organizing needed documentation for and participating in all certifications

Additional Responsibilities:
Lambing season demands a farmer at all hours of the day. Bottle lambs are the livestock manager’s’ responsibility
Maintain a good relationship with local farmers and customers as a representative of the farm
Maintain a good relationship with the veterinarian
Insure that team members are seen and respected in and outside of work

Start Date:
December 1st 2020

Salary is commensurate with experience
Private housing available, living in a community setting with other members of the Caney Fork Farm Crew.
Health insurance available

BIPOC farmers to encouraged to apply
To apply email:

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