SEEKING: Advice For High Levels of Phosphorus

Posted Feb 18, 2020
I am planning a 4-acre orchard and I received some bad news from the UT extension soil test. I have extremely high levels of phosphorus (243). The report says anything over 120 is very high. I have seen at another site that fruit trees in a site with 223 level of phosphorus did not grow at all because, as you know, the phosphorus inhibits the uptake of iron and zinc.

I have ordered a large amount of nursery stock I had planned to plant in a few weeks, so I am wondering what to do to remedy this situation??

I read that if I simply apply foliar iron and zinc every 1-4 weeks, this will be sufficient to supply these minerals for growth.

I read that cover crops like buckwheat, lupine, tillage radish, potatoes, and tomatoes can absorb significant levels of phosphorus and will help get the phosphorus levels down to normal. Is that true? If so, how long will this take to remedy by cover crops absorbing the excess phosphorus? (I read it could take 3-5 years).
I greatly appreciate your reading this and responding to my SOS!