The Farm to School initiative from the School Nutrition Alignment Team aims to help Metro Schools provide fresh, high-quality local produce to our students, and to educate students about food and agriculture.

With the aid of the School Nutrition Alignment Team, MNPS is currently accepting submissions from farmers interested in supplying MNPS with assorted produce in the Fall of 2015.

Produce listed on the RFI include:

  *   Round Tomatoes

  *   Cherry Tomatoes

  *   Apples

  *   Mustard Greens

  *   Sweet Potatoes

  *   Bell Peppers

  *   Collard Greens

  *   Turnip Greens

  *   Romaine Lettuce

  *   Spinach

For the purposes of this solicitation, “local” is defined as within roughly 250 miles of Nashville.

Interested farmers are invited to download, fill out and submit the Request for Information (RFI). The following RFI will request general information from farmers about their farm, production, and safety practices as well as product availability and pricing.

MNPS/School Nutrition will use this information to

  *   Determine realistic expectations and goals for Farm to School in Nashville

  *   Identify eligible farmer partners for produce procurement

Learn more & download the RFI https://t.e2ma.net/click/ujbrh/a4xu8f/6caj5b