MEETING: NRCS Program Funding and Priority Resource Concerns – Nov 20th, 2019
The Warren County Soil Conservation District Local Work Group (LWG) will meet at the Otis-Floyd nursery research center, 472 Cadillac Ln McMinnville November 20, 2019 at 11:00 am to discuss NRCS program funding and priority resource concerns in the county that may deserve focused attention in 2020. The NRCS values input from a variety of landowners, agricultural producers, civic leaders and natural resource industry professionals that can help the NRCS better address the needs of our customers and the lands they operate. We would appreciate it if you could join us for our Local Work Group meeting, here are some of the topics that will be discussed:
1. Recommendations on NRCS conservation program application and funding criteria.
2. Feedback on payment rates and practice limits (this information will be used for the next FY as payment schedules are completed in July).
3. Are eligible practice lists meeting the needs of the resource concerns in the County?
4. Are quality applications getting funded with the ranking criteria?
5. Effective ways to communicate with the producer about program sign up, etc.
6. Are there any high priority areas needing assistance?
7. Other recommendations or issues brought forth by LWG.
We will also discuss what natural resource concerns are of the highest priority in the county. During the meeting the LWG will be asked to choose 2 resource concerns from the list below to name as priority resource concerns, these 2 priority resource concerns will receive added emphasis in NRCS program rankings. Our goal is to ensure that the NRCS is properly addressing the needs of the county’s landowners and producers.
– Degraded Plant Condition (eligible on cropland, pastureland, forestland)
– Fish and Wildlife- Inadequate Habitat (eligible on cropland, forestland, pastureland)
– Inefficient Energy Use (eligible on farmstead)
– Livestock Production Limitation (eligible on pastureland, farmstead)
– Soil Erosion (eligible on cropland, forestland, pastureland, associated ag land)
– Soil Quality Degradation (eligible on cropland, pastureland, forestland)
– Water Quality Degradation (eligible on cropland, pastureland, forestland, farmstead)
– Excess Water (eligible on cropland, pastureland, forestland)
– Insufficient Water (eligible on cropland, pastureland, forestland)
– Air Quality Impacts (cropland, pastureland, forestland, farmstead)
If you need special accommodations to attend this meeting, please contact the Warren County Soil Conservation District office @ 931-473-6539 ext. 3.

Matt Feno
USDA-NRCS District Conservationist
Warren and Van Buren Counties