trishTri-Hishtil, LLC, is pleased to announce the opening of their new production facility in Mills River, NC. The international partners of Centro SEIA (Italy), Hishtil (Israel), and Tri-Cal/Tri-Est (USA) have united to create the new entity. The business will focus on grafted vegetable transplant production with a single goal of providing solutions for agriculture. “Tri-Hishtil will do this by delivering grafted plants that will improve disease resistance, enhance the yield and assist in reintroduction of heirloom varieties,” said Tri-Hishtil General Manager Bert Lemkes.

Regulations continue to impede farmers’ production and ability to effectively control soil borne disease. Grafting technology provides growers with a much needed progressive option for pathogen control and disease resistant crops. Tri-Hishtil feels this is an opportunity to combine cutting edge technology with their global agricultural experience.

Phase one will consists of 2.5 acres (1 metric hectare) of greenhouses, along with a production center where the actual sowing, germination, grafting and healing will take place. Original plants are scheduled to be available for sale in the first quarter of 2016. Grafted watermelon will be the initial item slated for production in the new facility, followed by tomatoes later in the year.

For more information, contact us: Tri-Hishtil, 25 School House Road; Mills River, NC 28759; or by phone at 828-891-6004