Soil sampling, Soil testing coordination and results interpretation & Pruning services

Soon the first new seed catalogs will be hitting our mailboxes. It’s time to start thinking about nutrient management and how we will plan to provide ever more nourishing food to Middle Tennessee in 2020. Whether you’re an old hand at this but have too many projects and not enough time to take samples or you have never tested your soil before, let me help you bridge the gap to co-creating bountifully alive soils that raise incredible crops. Farmers are the front line and secret weapon in stabilizing our environment, and partnering with the chemistry and biology found on your farm with a tailored plan for your specific needs will save you time and money.
In addition to taking soil samples and having them sent for testing to a lab appropriate for the needs and means of the farmer, interpretation of the results is provided with recommendations available for organic, biological, regenerative, and biodynamic systems.
It is of the utmost importance to me that you build a holistically healthy relationship to the soil. Compensation and services can be scaled to any budget; barter available. Let’s talk.

Also booking now for winter pruning services for grapes, fruit trees, and ornamentals.

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