National Farming Practices Survey
Throughout the United States, farmers are using innovative approaches to sustainably produce crops and improve soil health. When deciding how and what to grow, many factors are taken into consideration, such as pest pressure, labor shortages, market prices, and complex regulations. Our goal is to understand what the most important factors are for farm owners and managers when deciding whether or not to use certain practices.

By completing this anonymous, nationwide survey, you are helping identify the biggest challenges faced by farmers, and the best ways to overcome them. Key findings from this survey will be published and communicated to grower organizations and other farmer advocates so that recommendations, actions, and outcomes reflect what you identify as being most helpful for your operation, such as easing regulatory hurdles or improving cost-share programs.

If you choose to enter your e-mail address after completing the survey, we will send you a summary report, highlighting results that are specific to your state or region. Also, entering your e-mail address will make you eligible for a chance to win $500.

The information you provide will remain completely confidential and will never be used in any way to identify you. Leaving your e-mail address at the end of the survey is entirely optional. Note that by taking part in this survey, you are indicating your consent to participate in this research.

Although you can take this survey on your smartphone, we recommend completing it on a desktop computer, laptop, or tablet. It will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

If you have any questions, please contact Jeff Liebert ( Thank you for taking the time to participate in our project!

(Project funding has been provided by Cornell University’s Atkinson Center)
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