Middle Tennessee Landscape Management Short Course

You are receiving this notification about the 2021 training for landscape professionals, parks and recreation professionals, and others active in the horticulture industry. Because of the current COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 Middle Tennessee Landscape Management Short Course will be a virtual event conducted and delivered via zoom.

It is highly suggested that you download the Zoom App onto the device you will be using to view the zoom sessions. When you sign into Zoom on meeting day, please list your full name and not just a device name, so that we can better confirm your attendance for pesticide and ISA points. Those attending should complete registration at:
Individuals must register separately, and registration will not be complete until payment method is selected and confirmed.

Please reach out to the Extension agent in your county if you have questions.



“Nevergreen Evergreens- Pest Woes & Foes”
Karla Kean & Lucas Holman, TSU Extension

“When is a Pest Not a Pest? Stand Down!”(deciding what needs treating & what doesn’t)
Carol Reese, UT Extension

“Using these Annuals Can Help Reduce Need for Pesticide Use”
Jason Reeves, Research Horticulturalist, UT Gardens Jackson

“The Right Plant in the Right Place: The First Step in an IPM Program”
Taylor Reeder, TSU Extension

“Reducing Pesticide Use in the Landscape through Proper Selection, Planting, and Mulching Practices”
Lee Rumble, UT Extension, and ISA Certified Arborist

“Turf & Ornamental Disease Update”
Dr. Alan Windham, UT Extension


“Boxwood Blight Identification and Control”
Dr. Fulya Baysal-Gurel, TSU Extension

“Organic Pest Control in Landscapes”
Celeste Scott, UT Extension

“Low Input Landscapes & Grounds for Reduced Negative Env. Impact”
Dr. Andrea Ludwig UT Extension

“Tree Risk Assessment: Is it Cultural or is it 2PM Herbicide Damage?”
Kathrine Killebrew, City of Clarksville City Forester, Certified Arborist, TRAQ Certified

“Other Hard to Control Weeds”
UT Extension Turfgrass Weed Sci. Staff

“Impact of Pests on Nursery Production”
Amy Dismukes, TSU Extension

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