We have 66 acres near Fayetteville, Tennessee, about 1 1/2 acres tillable and more that could be easily cleared. There is about a 2 acre pasture partially fenced that could be cultivated or used for livestock. Most of the land is wooded hillsides in a narrow hollow. We had planned on selling 56 acres of it which has a road, pond and house site cleared, though we would prefer to lease rather than sell if we could. We have an 1830’s log cabin that we live in now and would be willing to rent with the option of keeping the upstairs available for us to stay in when we visit after we’ve moved to Canada. We’d like to build more structures-probably cob houses-for people to live in as a community to farm the land. If all goes well, we would be open to the option of lease to buy.

 Attached are some pictures of the property. Let us know what other info you might want. Looking forward to talking about possibilities!

Thanks, Rebecca & Gary