HIRING: Gardener for Hermitage Hotel’s Gardens at Glen Leven
Posted 11.2.18

The Hermitage Hotel’s Gardens at Glen Leven serve as the hotel’s source of produce. Under the direction of the Executive Chef, the Gardener is responsible for the operational management, planning, production, maintenance, and oversight of a two-acre garden site . Demonstrated gardening skills are essential and a person with an entrepreneurial spirit can find this a treasured opportunity. This person should be a strong advocate of organic farming and a steward of the land. Enthusiastic representation and a commitment to the mission and growth of the Double H Farms program is fundamental to the job. Dependability, a strong work ethic and good communication skills are essential.

Interested parties can email Tony Liartis, Director of Food and Beverage, at tliartis@thehermitagehotel.com or apply on our website.

The position requires 1-3 years’ experience of gardening/farming in a professional or nursery capacity. Home gardeners may be considered but will need to provide examples of how that experience is relevant to running a professional garden. The position also requires some program management and operation experience.

Responsibilities and Requirements:
· Must be capable of performing physical work in the garden, including tilling, bending for long periods, lifting, digging, etc. on a daily basis.

· Help design, manage, and execute vegetable garden.

· Develop a planting plan that integrates appropriate plants for our climate, a crop rotation plan, cover crop, and soil health management

· Ensure the irrigation design, implementation, and function is effective and water wise.

· Manage a harvest and distribution plan for vegetables, including cleaning & delivery of produce.

· Manage operational budget for garden needs, activities and projects

· Work with and maintain relationships with hotel culinary staff, ensuring a positive working relationship for collaborative goals

· Assist the Farmer in the creation of operational updates and plans for the garden.