HIRING: Full or Part-time Manager – OB West Farms

HIRING: Full or Part-time Manager – OB West Farms
Posted Feb 27, 2020
OB West Farms is looking to hire part-time or full-time to help manage forestry, silvopasture, and livestock. Located in Overton County, Tennessee.

Duties would include caring for goats and moving them through the landscape as brush control, as well as clearing and maintaining forest and silvopasture. Previous experience operating weedeaters, chainsaws, and livestock handling is preferred, but a willingness to learn these skills and regenerative ecosystem management is essential.

Ideally this individual or couple would live in provided on-farm housing or within the area. We are located 45 minutes drive north of Cookeville, TN. We take care of 500 wooded acres, and 40 cleared acres on the West Fork of the Obey River.

Depending on interest, this person could also be involved in:

-Managing grass-fed sheep and cattle
-Sawmill operation using logs from the property
-Operation of tractors and other equipment
-Construction using farm lumber and materials
-Road building
-Planting of perennials using keyline and permaculture techniques
-Growing, harvesting, and marketing organic vegetables (Shiloh Farm is the 2-3 acre vegetable farm on property, markets in Cookeville TN)
-Forest management and maintenance of walking trails
-Hay making and storage

Position starts spring or summer of 2020.

Please contact Luke at for more information. To apply, send relevant work experience and your interest in these subjects.

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