HIRING: Farm Director at Renovatus
Posted 1.9.19
Renovatus is a recovery community for those seeking to be free from drug or alcohol addiction. Renovatus assists those who are seeking Jesus Christ and a new way of life in Him. Renovatus offers Christian Discipleship, a Safe Home, Life Skills Training, and Community. These four areas provide a framework for the ministry and the opportunity for the recovering addict to succeed in his recovery.
Summary of the position: As part of the organization’s growing ministry, Renovatus has created a full-time position for a farm director. This unique position directs and coordinates fruit and vegetable production while working with men in the organization who are learning to see the fruits of their labor. The most important quality in a potential candidate is to share the core values and goals of the organization . The farm director will serve in a key role by providing structure and aiding in the engagement and development of the men. The farm director must be an optimistic, high-energy individual who is seeking an entrepreneurial, mission-driven environment and wanting to be part of the strong Renovatus community.

Anyone interested in learning more about Renovatus and the available position should contact the director of Renovatus, Pete Higgs, at renovatusrc@gmail.com.

Applicant must have four years work experience in production agriculture or an associates degree with two years work experience.
Applicant must have passion for helping those in recovery.

Based upon experience.

Job Duties
1) Direct and coordinate worker activities such as planting, irrigation, chemical application, harvesting, grading, and recordkeeping.
2) Make arrangements for raising of crops and for management of crop production.
3) Coordinate farm activities for men in the program around other educational, developmental, medical,
and ministry-related events.
4) Analyze market potential to adjust crop quantity and mix.
5) Maintain relationships with Community Supported Agriculture (“CSA”) customers and other customers.
6) Increase farm sales and strategic relationships where possible.
7) Record information such as production, farm management practices, and labor processes, and prepare financial and operational reports.
8) Determine procedural changes in harvest, grading, drying, and storage for greater efficiency and quality of produce.
9) Analyze soil to determine type and quantity of fertilizer/chemicals required for maximum production. 10) Inspect and maintain all farm-related equipment to ensure proper functioning.
11) Inspect growing areas/high tunnels/fields to determine weekly harvest needs or losses.
12) Plan and direct production of plant varieties that are high performers and have superior quality.
13) Purchase tools, equipment, and supplies, such as seed, fertilizer, and chemicals.
14) Communicate rules, policies, best practices, safety guidelines, and produce-handling procedures to men in the program.
15) Negotiate/communicate with ministry director to obtain necessary funding and/or needs for the farm. 16) Evaluate financial position of the farm enterprise and make budget proposals.
17) Provide encouragement and instruction to men in the program. Assess each man of his work and skill capacity, then develop a plan to increase those skills.