HIRING: Assistant Garden Manager – The Hermitage

HIRING: Assistant Garden Manager – The Hermitage
Posted: 1.6.20

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Job Objective:
The Assistant Garden Manager helps preserve and maintain the Hermitage Garden in a manner that is both historically accurate and aesthetically pleasing, while striving to educate and inspire the public through the Hermitage Garden’s history and plants.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
· Maintain, with the garden team, the garden in a manner consistent with a National Historic Landmark Presidential Site. This includes but is not limited to; weeding, watering, monitoring, seeding, transplanting, trellising, and labeling plant material. In addition, the AGM will monitor and upkeep pathways and other key garden infrastructure.

· Work closely with the Historic Garden Manager to develop historically appropriate annual planting plans for the Hermitage Garden, non-historic planting beds, and demonstration crops.

· Develop a consistent and high-quality growing program.

· Coordinate with the Historic Garden Manager to plan and maintain best greenhouse practices.

· Responsible for projecting short- and long-term seed and plant budgets, plant and seed orders, and maintaining a quarterly inventory of all plant stocks and inputs.

· Manage all interior plants, and monitor the watering, aesthetic, and upkeep of those plantings.

· Lead annual plant sales; including plant selection, inventory, signage, marketing calendar, set-up, sales projections, and scheduling.

· Assist in forecasting soil improvements and amendment schedules.

· Implement pest and disease monitoring and management plans.

· Help with the care and maintenance of trees and shrubs in the historic and public areas.

· Assist with installation and maintenance for all seasonal plantings and decorations in the public and administrative areas of the Hermitage.

· Give tours of the garden, speak to groups about the garden, and work with volunteers and education and interpretation staff to develop and host garden programming.

· In the absence of the Historic Garden Manager supervises garden staff and coordinates volunteers.

· Manage all work with an eye to best practices, and handle additional duties as assigned.

Contact and more information:
To apply for the position, please send your resume and cover letter to Sarah Edmonds, Historic Garden Manager,
For more information, visit

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