GMO Labeling Bill will be Implemented by USDA Within 2 years
From National Organic Coalition: On July 29, President Obama signed a GMO labeling bill S.764 into law that will overturn the Vermont GMO labeling law. NOC members unanimously opposed this legislation because it allows companies to use “quick response” or QR codes (a machine-readable code that can be read by a smartphone camera), 1-800 numbers and websites rather than fully transparent, on-package labels. The bill also has huge loopholes that could exempt most GE foods from labeling.

The USDA will now have two years to set up a national labeling standard and has set up an internal working group to begin the process of writing the regulations. The USDA will also be conducting a study within one year to “identify potential technological challenges that may impact whether consumers would have access” to QR codes and other digital disclosure methods.

NOC will be engaged in this process going forward to continue to express opposition to the use of QR codes and to push for disclosure of all genetically modified foods, including highly refined products derived from GMO crops and foods produced with the use of new and yet to be developed gene editing techniques. We are also working with USDA and Members of Congress to ensure that the existing prohibition on use of GMOs in organic production is not undermined as a result of this new law.

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