From Sara Bellos – Last year I was having trouble finding already mixed potting mix and always had either vermiculite, peat or perlite left over. This year I ordered a pallet of pre-made mix from Beltwide in NC. We will have about 10 bags of soilless potting mix left over from seeding.

Here are the details, please let me know if you want to buy some! Pick up from Whites Creek right near Bates Nursery, or in Goodlettsvillem/Millersville right near 1-65 at exit 98.
2 bag minimum
3-cubic foot bags (i.e. big bags), $14/bag.

If you are going to be raising starts to a big size in here you will want to add about 20% worm castings (according to elliot coleman any more than 20% doesnt add more benefit). There is no fertilizer or anything added. We also have some sand available; if you like adding that let me know how much you want in advance so we can bag it up.

This potting mix is sweet – details here:
We use it in both float beds and in regular trays and pots for seeding and potting up.

Let me know soon please! Weekend or early morning pick up preferred.