Fellowship of the Preparation Makers Conference – Feb 9 – 11, 2018

Fellowship of the Preparation Makers Conference

The Southeast Biodynamic Association and Long Hungry Creek Farm are honored to be hosting this year’s Fellowship of the Preparation Makers Conference. We hope that you, our regional friends and colleagues, will take the time and join us for a weekend of deep biodynamic study. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or a beginning student, this weekend is a fantastic opportunity to spend quality time learning with some of the most highly regarded practitioners on the continent.
In the middle point of the Agriculture Course, Steiner tells us we should and, needless to say, will go on manuring as before, and that the manure must be subjected to a proper treatment so as to quicken and vitalize it sufficiently. This year we’ll explore how this treatment, known as the Biodynamic compost preparations, helps create the organs of the farm organism.

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