dowingHollowFarmDowning Hollow Farm is our 35 acre farm; approximately 15 acres of that is open land. Located in Middle Tennessee just east of Savannah TN, our farm is 1 ½ hours from Florence Alabama and 1 ½ hours from Jackson Tennessee. Olive Hill is a very pastoral community with most of our immediate neighbors raising their own cows, sheep, goats, chickens, pigs and gardens. A small community of Mennonite families residing in Olive Hill still carry on with traditional ways and often help us on the farm. For the last 8 years, we have farmed about 2 acres in (uncertified) organic crop production of vegetables, flowers and herbs, 15 acres in pasture, a small pear orchard and 2 high tunnels, 24×50, 24×105. No chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides have been applied to any of the land since at least 2003, when we purchased the land, and probably from 1994-2003, when Mennonites occupied the land. The rest is forest of beautiful old hardwoods, abundant wildlife, mossy rock outcroppings and clear, clean limestone creeks. We have a large barn and a 4 stall stable with hay loft and feed room. There is also a smaller shelter for goats and a rabbit hutch fully screened in with roof.

    Tenants will be able to utilize our new processing building which houses a nearly-certified commercial kitchen equipped with 60” range, prep tables, commercial refrigerator, double sink, cool-bot room for produce storage, sun-room for seed starting,bathroom/shower and beautiful front porch. We also have a outdoor wood-fired oven. There are two options for living quarters: a secluded 3-story furnished cabin with a quaint outhouse and wood stove (off the grid) and a one room cottage with electricity (heat and air conditioning.)

    In the past,we operated a 35 member CSA, April through mid-November, with pick up at the year-round Cooper-Young Community Farmers Market in mid-town Memphis, where we also sold produce at our market table. We marketed our produce to several Memphis restaurants. In addition, we had a smaller 15 member CSA in Savannah TN. At present, Alex manages Bring It Food Hub in Memphis and will be purchasing produce for the 2015 CSA season, so there would be the opportunity to sell produce directly to him.

    Tenants will have access to our drip irrigation, water pump, lawn tractor, tillers, chainsaw, weed-eaters, seed starting flats and pots, hoses, sprinklers, trellising, fence posts, hand tools, row covers and sandbags. Tenants are responsible for equipment repair expenses and for all farm inputs.

    We are seeking tenants who have at least a beginning level of commercial organic gardening or farming experience and references for their work. We will be selecting tenants based on their business or vision plan, farming methods, prior experience and ability to pay. The rent will be very reasonable. Tenants will be responsible for the electricity bills on the processing building and cottage. We can offer a one year short term lease with option to renew after a year based on satisfaction of both parties, plus a security deposit. We continue to keep our farm dogs there and ask that the tenants keep them happy and loved.

    Once our farm is leased our family will continue to visit often to stay in our main house and enjoy the property, keep a garden for ourselves and entertain friends and family. We look forward to seeing our farm in full blossom again and are eager to mentor young farmers in achieving their visions. Since we know the area well, we can offer guidance on markets and opportunities and we are open to different farming visions, whether it be livestock or artisan breads or soap-making, we just ask that our land and animals are cared for responsibly and sustainably.

Lori and Alex Greene
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