EVENT: Pasture Walk-on at Greg Brann’s Farm – OCT 16, 2015

Who should attend?
Only individuals serious about grazing management

Where: field next to 8954 Old Hartsville Rd, Adolphus, Ky 42120. Phone: 615-330-0717 ( See directions below)

Goal: Low stress, low cost grazing operation that improves the environment and production, while being consistently profitable. Accomplishments: Great fertility without purchased fertilizer just hay for 8 years, easy keeping livestock, increased cover: forage and residue, great production and utilization, good weed control Challenges: Rough terrain, rotate stock less than 3 days/paddock, reduce winter feeding, need more warm season forage. This year breeding 400 ewes, 60 cows and 20 nannies (total 137 AU’s) on 333 acres of pasture, 1.8 rolls of hay fed/AU last year. Animals in great condition with healthy babes.

Soil Health, Stocking Rate, Drought and Winter forage management, Top third grazing, Grazing and Recovery periods, Stockpiling forage vs. buying hay, Birthing date for forage animal balance, Multi-species grazing, Criteria for livestock selection, New circle Corral; Mowing cost, timing and benefits; Forage Options: grazing corn, sudex, rye and ryegrass for weed control, tall fescue, orchardgrass, bromegrass, bermuda, clovers, chicory, turnips, lespedeza, buckwheat, sunflowers, etc

Intent: an interactive discussion, with professional grazers and specialist
RSVP: so we know how to prepare register through my website, www.bigspringfarm.net, or email at greg.brann@tn.usda.gov or gregbrann5@gmail.com.

$10.00  includes  lunch

From Gallatin, TN take 31E North through Westmoreland, at top of the first hill take a right on Pleasant Grove Road turns into Poplar Grove Rd travel to T across concrete bridge turn left on Old Hartsville Rd. (St Rt. 2160), pass two houses on right and we will meet in the field just past the second house.
From Bowling Green, Ky take 231 to Scottsville, stay on 231/31E South, turn left on Carter Church Rd, at T turn right on Macedonia Rd, at T turn left on Poplar Grove Rd., at T turn left on Old Hartsville Rd (St. Rt. 2160), pass 2 houses on right and we will meet in the field just past the second house.