grassConferenceThis workshop will assist you in honing the skills needed to produce high quality food and a quality lifestyle – profitably. Financial profitability and the improvement of the farm’s natural resources (soil, water, plants, wild-life, and culture) are the two essential factors of any agricultural enterprise. Producing high quality food takes whole farm management thinking; assessment of land capability, fertility, water, fencing, management, labor, types of animals, seasonality, what product to sell, where and to whom: In this workshop several leading experts will help bring this whole picture together. There is plenty of time set aside for
questions and answers for your farm in particular.

Thursday, September 24th – 9 to 5
Friday, September 25th – 9 to 4
Sequatchie Cove Farm

Seminar Sessions:
Allen William will speak on the state of the grass-fed beef business, what opportunities are at hand, and how to develop a business that best takes advantage of these opportunities. He’ll discuss how to truly finish animals, how to assess which type of animal best fits your goals and enterprise, and how to develop holistic profitability.

Carolyn Hoagland will bring to us the latest in soil biological research, how bacteria communicate, and ideas on ‘waking’ them up. These will be interactive sessions so bring your best and worst dirt with you, as she will give you hands on ways to assess the texture and structure of our own soil. We will perform a slake test and texture analysis of soil samples brought from your own fields. Each lecture is designed to lead participants through an interpretation of the slake and texture exercises along with Q&A sessions about different management techniques to improve soil performance and fertilizer efficiency.

Greg Brann will deepen our thinking on how to manage our grass to bring about healthier soils and more profitable farms.

There will also be a brief fencing demonstration and a panel discussion on direct marketing meat in the South East. More Info…