CONFERENCE: Biodynamic Conference – October 2-4, 2015

circle-biodynamic-conference-2014The Biodynamic Conference is presenting a number of basic and hands-on activities for new farmers, as well as exploring the ways that farmers learn and thrive. Let’s talk about growing a healthy new generation of farmers, and farms.
Topics of discussion for the weekend include: Permaculture homesteading, healthy soils, farmer training programs, innovative berry culture, Biodynamic agriculture for everybody, holistic health, beekeeping, homeopathy, farming with draft horses, cooking in an earth oven, and the spiritual work of the farmer. Besides all of that, we hope you will enjoy some quality time on the farm and feel the difference wholesome food and good atmosphere makes in your body and mind. This festival attracts a wide array of people with gifts to share, and ample time is allowed for one-on-one discussion with workshop leaders, and one another, throughout the weekend. We gather to learn, to share, to inspire each other, and to celebrate the passage of another growing season on the good earth.
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