BULK ORDER: Potting soil from McEnroe

From Green Door Gourmet:

Hi folks! It’s time to order seed starting soil and once again we’re organizing another truck of potting soil from McEnroe. This year, we’re interested in purchasing the OMRI listed Premium LITE Growing Mix. The past few years we’ve gotten OMRI Listed Premium Organic Potting Soil and if you’d rather stick with that they are happy to send both.

One pallet is [40] 1/20th of a cubic yard bags, which is the equivalent of 2 cubic yards per pallet. Cost per pallet of Premium Organic is $310.00 and cost per pallet Premium Lite is $330, plus $60 – 100.00 shipping per pallet depending on how many pallets are ordered. Pallets will arrive at Green Door early- to mid-January at which time you’ll come retrieve your order (we can load the pallet directly into your vehicle or bag by bag, with your help of course!).

You can look at McEnroe’s website for more info.

Orders need to be in by the 18th of December, so please be in touch ASAP. Also feel free to spread the word to other growers in our area!

Thank you,

Laura Dison
EmailLaura Dison at Green Door Gourmet