greendoorBULK ORDER: McEnroe Organic Premium potting mix – Dec 18th Deadline!
Green Door Gourmet is organizing a truck delivery of McEnroe Organic Premium potting mix. This is a pre-mixed, high quality, compost based potting mix that is certified organic. It has been used by many local growers for years and consistently has good results in transplant production. It is only available these days by the truck delivery. A pallet is 40 1/20th of a cubic yard bags, which is the equivalent of 2 cubic yards.
Pallet cost is $310.00, plus 60 – 80.00 shipping per pallet depending on how many pallets are ordered.
You can look at MCEnroe’s website for more info. We are looking at the Premium Potting Soil mix, which is also good for soil blocks.
Please contact Laura at Green Door at Orders need to be in by the 18th of December, so please be in touch ASAP!
Thank you!
– John Patrick