BULK ORDER: Farm and Garden Supply

spiralRidgeSpiral Ridge Permaculture is preparing an order (due March 28th) for Organic Fertilizers • Animal Supplements • Animal Feeds • Micro-Nutrients  • Natural Herbicides • OG Cover Crop Seed • Pest Management  •  Growing Mixes • Row Covers • Bird Netting • Deer Fence & Supplies

Bulk discounts available.  If we meet minimum order, no additional shipping applies.  Pick-up in Summertown, TN (if enough people want a pick up in Nashville, we can arrange that too) Tax applies unless you have a tax exempt form to send me a copy of.  [More]

Save the date for these upcoming events: 

Introduction to Permaculture 4/11-4/12

Permaculture Garden Design & Soil Fertility 4/18-4/19

Rainwater Harvesting in the Landscape 4/25-4/26

International Permaculture Day – Free Talk & Tour plus plant sale 5/2

Edible Forest Gardens Demystified 5/16-5/17

Permaculture Design Course – Spring 5/22-6/15 and Fall 9/18-9/29

Cob Workshop – 6/12-6/15

9 Day Natural Building 8/08-8/16

Earthworks 10/9-10/12

Fertility Farming 10/13-10/14

Agroforestry 10/15-10/16

Mushrooms, Molds, and Mycorrhizae:  Cultivation, Gardening, Mycoremediation, Medicinal Use and Permaculture of      Fungi with Tradd Cotter 10/17-10/18

Keyline Design 11/7-11/8

The Permaculture Pig 11/20-11/22