Brood X Cicadas in TN

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To the best of my knowledge, the Brood X Cicada’s are not supposed to be as bad in our area of TN (Montgomery County) as they will be in the Central Basin and Eastern TN.
Here is some information for you! Please share with others!

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Adult Cicada Control
In areas having a previous history of high populations of periodicals cicadas, certain preventative measures should be followed. In young fruit tree plantings, delay pruning fruit trees until after cicada emergence so damaged branches can be removed and a proper scaffolding of branches established. If pruning is done before the eggs hatch (five weeks or less after eggs are laid), burn the damaged twigs. When feasible, small, valuable shrubs, trees and ornamentals may be covered with cheesecloth or tobacco canvas (spun row cover) for protection while cicadas are present.

UT Institute of Agriculture > Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology > Cicadas

Billions of cicadas to emerge in US for first time in 17 years: What to know…

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