geraldinesnewwingsAVAILABLE: Top Soil, Mushroom Compost, Worm Castings & Garden Soil Deliveries
Morning Farmers and Gardeners,
Thanks to Andy Sahn (expert woodworker) my dump truck Geraldine got some new wings and she is ready to fly…ok putt along, but if you or someone you know needs some mulch, soil, compost or worm castings, we can deliver up to 4 – 6 cubic yards for $75.00.

Top Soil up to 4 cu. yards ($30/cu. yard)
Mushroom Compost up to 5 cu. yards ($45/ cu. yard)
Worm Castings up to 6 cu. yards ($60/cu. yard)
Garden Soil up to 5 cu. ($55/cu. yard)

If you need wheat bales for mulch we can hold about 20 at a time.

Happy planting,

David Wells
Stony Creek Farm Manager and Garden Consultant
Dump Truck Owner
Songwriter: David Wells and the High Water Mark