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Vegetable Crates for Sale in Ashland City

Stackable foldable plastic crates. These crates are great for produce, storage, arts and crafts, and hobbiest. Small 23.5"L x 15.75"W x 5"D folded flat 1.5" $7.00 each, Large 23.5"L x 15.75"W x 11"D folded flat 2" $12.00 each

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NEW FEATURE: Share-A-Share

Tennessee Growers Network will be hosting information for the new Share A Share program. Check back here for more details about upcoming pilot season and consider become involved.  More...

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"Spiral Ridge Permaculture will be shifting its focus next year to a world class Permaculture and RegenAg education business. We are looking to team up with a commercial farm to offer courses in Regenerative Grazing, Holistic Management, Keyline Design/plowing, Biofertility, Regrarian Design courses and agroforestry with...

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