From Jason Adkins: These goats are the love children of a jailbreak in our barnyard. As a result, they are unregistered. We know the goats that are 100% fainting goat and those who are 50%. If you like fainting goats or want a small goat, this is a great opportunity to get a rare mini TN fainting goat without the big price tag. The fainting goats are well socialized and easy to handle; the Angoras, not as much. The bucks are 125$ and the does are 150$.
The pigs will be on the small side for those looking for a pig that is easier to handle and a little better for small spaces. By small, the dad was a registered Miniature Juliana (mature at 60lbs) and the mother was a Belted Duroc (500lbs at maturity).

Sales list and pics are HERE.

If interested, email:
Or call: 615-812-3291