MushWSGooseberryDavid Wells’ mushroom company, Henosis, is hosting a workshop to teach people how to build edible gourmet mushroom beds. Not only are these mushrooms delicious to eat, but they filter water, and benefit your garden, building compost for years to come. You can easily incorporate them in your garden paths, around fruit trees, or herb beds. You will get hands-on experience building a bed and take home your very own mushroom bed starter kit for $50 (includes mushroom spawn and a 40lb bag of sawdust). Middle Tennessee Farmers use the code midtn to get a 10% discount.  RSVP and order tickets HERE

If you can not attend the workshop, but would like to purchase mushroom spawn, you can get bags of Kings Stropharia, Shitaki, King Oyster, or Maitaki for $35. Just reach out to David Wells on Facebook or email me at All proceeds go towards building the website.