Women Farmer Gathering
Friday, February 24th, 2017
10:00 – 2:00
The Nashville Food Project
Hillsboro Rd. Nashville, TN
Join us for a potluck Lunch!
This annual gathering is a welcoming time for women farmers and producers in the Middle Tennessee area. All ages and experience levels are welcome. Urban and rural, veggie, flower, honey and meat! Please know that there are other opportunities for networking for farm/food advocates and policy folk. This meet up is for those women currently and actively involved in the business of farming as a livelihood, either independently, or through a non-profit or other organization.
After many years of getting together, I personally have come to really appreciate this time as a social event that enables us to connect and unite. We are busy and geographically wide spread, so I cherish this opportunity for dialogue and sharing good food together!
This year, I have decided to not ask any speakers to come. This is precious time for us, and feedback has been that we benefit most from space to socialize and network without an overarching agenda. However, I would like to facilitate a loose discussion on ideas for future, more regular meet ups and learning opportunities. Please come prepared to introduce yourself, share what you are up to, and dreams you may have for the year ahead. And to eat some yummy food!
This is a time for us to strengthen and empower our community. If you have any input or suggestions for the gathering, please let me know.
The biggest way you can help is make sure any women farmers you may know of are informed of this! I am sure there are many who are not on this list, and I in no way intend to be exclusive.
Please go to the Women farmers of Middle Tennessee Facebook Page for updates!
Also, please RSVP to Tallahassee may of Turnbull Creek Farm