NPR PROGRAM: Programs Help Vets Move Into Farming

NPR PROGRAM: Programs Help Vets Move Into Farming
Tor Peery grew up in a farming community in upstate New York, baling hay in the summers. He never thought he’d want to go back to that life. Three deployments with the U.S. Marine Corps — including a tough tour in Helmand, Afghanistan — changed his mind. “So many years I’ve been in the world of destruction,” he says. “Being infantry and in the Marine Corps, I’ve destroyed so many things. I just want to create now.” Now Peery is learning the craft and business of farming at the Arcadia Center For Sustainable Food And Agriculture. He’s a “reservist,” which means he shows up one weekend a month, plus two weeks during the growing season. Arcadia also has one full-time, year-long fellowship. This spring, Arcadia volunteers, along with vets from the group The Mission Continues, built a 60-foot hoop-house in one day, barn-raising style.
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