CONFERENCE: 2017 Pick TN – February 16th-18th

joleneCONFERENCE: 2017 Pick TN – February 16th-18th
Get ready for an unforgettable Pick TN Conference with Keynote speaker, Jolene Brown. Jolene Brown will have you laughing while you learn! She’s an award winning communicator, and an honored recipient of the Certified Speaking Professionals, the highest earned designation of speaking achievement worldwide! She’s known as a Champion for Agriculture, spreading her message at the podium, in magazines, on television, and on radio. She has also received the esteemed Legend of the Speaking Profession award from her peers in the speaking profession. Jolene is a walking-talking spokesperson and consultant for the family-owned business. With her keen insight and result-centered approach, she’s been invited to sit at lots of kitchen tables and family business meeting rooms. Jolene has learned what works and what doesn’t. She understands the unique challenges facing parents, siblings, in-laws and “outlaws” who work together. Watch her on YouTube | Conference Site

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