NEW TUTORIALS: ATTRA Sustainable Agriculture

attraWhether you’re just considering getting into sustainable agriculture or are looking for help with specific issues affecting your operation, ATTRA’s expert staff, publications, databases, and other resources have been a go-to source of information for more than 25 years.

And ATTRA is now offering two new additions to the series of possibly its most comprehensive resource – sustainable agriculture tutorials.

The free, self-guided tutorials are more than just online talks. They contain multiple lessons with ATTRA specialists and other well-known experts in sustainable agriculture. They’re designed so you can delve deeply into the subject while working at your own pace and include calculators, worksheets, resource lists, and other downloadable tools.

And as further encouragement, the tutorials include “case study” conversations with successful producers who know what it takes to make a go of farming.

The tutorials are available on the National Center for Appropriate Technology’s ATTRA website.

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