Growing for Market Shares Business Advice
Growing for Market says “There’s no time like the winter to work on your business skills.
That’s why we brought you these two articles by Julia Shanks”.

Why Can’t I Make More Money??
How many times do you ask yourself that question?
It’s difficult to diagnose problems and answer that question, if you don’t have hard data (that is, good bookkeeping records). As someone who’s mentored hundreds of farmers and food entrepreneurs, I identify five big reasons why you’re still not making enough money (that is, profits and cash in your bank account).
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Put the Right Price on Your Products
During the growing season, if you want to earn more profits, the first thing that probably comes to mind is to grow and harvest more, so that you can sell more. It seems logical. But what if you discovered you only earned 10 cents a pound on tomatoes. With those margins, you couldn’t work hard enough to make any real profits.

Working smarter means understanding your costs and pricing your products appropriately. You can maximize your profits without working harder.
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