FOR SALE: Great Pyrenees

Jenny from Peaceful Pastures has a 2 1/2 year old working great Pyrenees for sale. Female. Has been with poultry, horses, sheep, goats. Not cat aggressive. Used to working large pastures with moderate to heavy predator load.

This is a SERIOUS working dog–not a pet. She can be safely handled by humans–not skittish or furtive. Sorta walks on a leash when needed. This dog will *NOT* tolerate another, non livestock guard dog with her livestock. You cannot allow other dogs into the pastures; she WILL attack. IF you have pets, the fencing must be effective enough to keep her in and them OUT.

This is not an aggressive dog–she is a very assertive guardian. I would not recommend this dog for novices to livestock guard dogs.

Sincere inquiries only, please. Cash only. Must go to pasture of at last 10 acres in size.

Jenny – 615-683-4291