Reminders + COVID Resources from UT Extension

Reminders + COVID Resources from UT Extension

It seems that while we are socially distancing, emails are abounding! In an effort to reduce what’s flooding your inbox, we now will send a weekly update of news, resources and upcoming webinars that may be of interest to you and other produce growers. As always, we’re here to help, so if you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask and if you can’t find a resource that you need, please let us know! We’ll do our best to find you the information you need, and if you need it, chances are there are others who need it, too!
Thank you for all you do and stay well!
Annette, Dave and Margarita

It’s planting time in TN! If you haven’t downloaded the 2020 Southeastern U.S. Vegetable Crops Handbook.The handbook has the most up-to-date production information for TN and our region.

The Society of St. Andrew is a great resource to glean your fields and get excess produce that you cannot sell donated to local feeding agencies. They provide a year-end tax document for anyone who donates. Contact Jeannie Hunter, the TN Regional Director, directly at

COVID-19 resource updates:
We are regularly updating the COVID-19 resources on the UT Vegetable Production website and will let you know the most recent updates here. This week we added:

Handling COVID-19 Best Practices for Agribusiness

Handling COVID-19 Produce Farms and Packinghouses

Farm Commons – COVID-19 Legal questions

Food Safety and Production Protocols for COVID-19

Upcoming Webinars:
Monday, April 6th, Farmers Markets Physical Redesign for Covid-19 Mitigation, Farmers Market Coalition. *While registration for this webinar is maxed out, the recorded webinar will be available on-demand soon after. Check back here, if you’re interested:

Monday, April 6th, 12:00 PM EST, Families First Act and CARES Act: Update for Ag Employers on New Paid-Leave and Stimulus Provisions, National Council of Agricultural Employers Educational Webinar Series. Registration is limited to the first 100 participants.

Wednesday, April 29th, 12pm to 1pm EST, Jorge Delgado, Alltech, will be giving a webinar in Spanish: Covering COVID-19 for Agriculture Employees, UT Dairy Weekly Webinar Wednesday. He’ll be discussing the basics, like what a virus is, how it spreads, and what precautions workers can take to protect themselves. He will also open it up to be a question and answer session. Connect via Zoom at:

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