Judith Reeder & Kevin Reeder of Cream Valley Farm in Livingston, TN – Overall Winner/Best Management Practices of ‘2018

2019 TSU Small Farms Expo – Sept 3, 2019
Our 2019 TSU County Extension Agents show case and TSU Small Farms Expo is approaching fast. The Extension Agent Showcase and meetings with our College Faculty is scheduled for Tuesday, September 3, 2019. The TSU Agricultural Outlook conference and TSU Small Farms Expo and Luncheon is scheduled for Wednesday, September 4, 2019.
Because of our new format for this event and change of dates, we are expecting much larger participation and higher attendance. Therefore, we need your help and attendance. Your interaction with TSU extension agents can produce greater collaborations for field research or outreach programs.

Following are the key people to contact if you need any additional information or would like to help:
Extension Agent County Programs Showcase
Leslie Speller-Henderson & Tom Broyles

TN. Ag. Outlook Conference
Jason de Koff

2019 TN. Small Farms Expo & Farmer Recognition Luncheon Program Solomon Haile

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